14mm Glass Globe Filled w/Horse Hair Necklace

14mm Glass Globe Filled w/Horse Hair Necklace

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Keep the most important 4 legged Equine in your life encased in our beautiful 14mm Glass Globe Filled with Your Horses hair on a 16inch Stainless steel Chain.

These keepsake pieces make a perfect memento from a deceased loved one, a sentimental keepsake from a young child's first haircut, or a precious bit of fluff from your fur-baby. The meanings and memories behind these custom pieces are endless.

Each order will be unique! I honestly believe that every "owner" shines through in each hair/fur order I get. Every piece of hair behaves differently! I position the hair how it naturally wants to lay. So, if you get your piece back and it doesn't look exactly like the listing photo, please remember that every order WILL be different and custom! 

Once you place the order, you will receive an e-mail with instructions where and how to send the hair! Any questions, please feel free to reach out!